What is Ketosis?

This turns out to be a surprisingly difficult question to answer.    At a minimum, ketosis is a metabolic state in which you produce and metabolize ketone bodies for energy.    Some sources consider it to be an abnormal state.   Some sources will tell you that it’s a state in which MOST of your energy comes from ketones.    Here, we’ll consider ketosis to simply mean that you are producing ketones to meet some of your energy demand that would “normally” be supplied by glucose.

Welcome to Keto FAQ

Keto FAQ was created to answer Frequently Asked Questions about ketones, ketosis, and ketogenic diets.

Each post will be in the form of a question and an answer.    When possible, the answers will be backed by scientific studies.   Otherwise, they’ll be answered based on intelligent speculation.    If you have a question about ketosis that hasn’t been answered here, please let me know.